Monday, 1 August 2016

Shellac The Art Vandal Collection 2016

I have to admit I wasn't especially looking forward to this collection. This is the Art Vandal collection which is technically the spring release but I bought the summer Flirtation Collection in spring as they were more spring-like colours such as pastels, and now that I can actually see the Art Vandal collection how any one wanted to release these colours in spring I do not know cus girls these colours are BRIGHT!!

So where will I start how about Art Basil!

Art Basil

left - Hotski   middle - Art Basil   right - Lush Tropics

As soon as I saw this I thought isn't this the same as Lush Tropics??? Actually no it isn't it is more of a blue green and also has a hint of a bronze glitter through it which is very unusual but it is quite pretty. I have done a comparison of other greens to show the difference between them as you can see Lush Tropics is more lime and Hotski is more teal.

Digi- teal


left - Digi-teal     right - Cerulean Sea
As soon as I saw this I thought isn't this the same as Cerulean Sea??? Starting to see the theme of this post?? Nearly every colour needed a colour comparison photo! But I can confirm none of them are like another. Although this photo does not show there is much difference between the two I can promise that there is and it is just a lacking in my photography skills. Digi-teal is more of a blue (yes I have a problem with the name there is nothing TEAL about this BLUE!) ahem and Cerulean Sea is a green/blue creme opaque.

Magenta Mischief

Magenta Mischief

left - Magenta Mischief   middle - Grape Gum   right - Tutti Fruiti

We have been waiting for this a purple pink colour that isn't shimmery although it is glittery it is gorgeous!

Future Fushia

Future Fushia

left - Magenta Mischief   middle - Future Fushia   right - Tutti Fruiti
For anyone who saw our salons snap chat this is the colour I sounded most disappointed about - the bottle just looked like Tutti Fruiti. When actually, once I opened this little surprise I literally gasped! ITS A NEON PINK people!! Well as close to a neon as CND are going to get but its pretty damn close! Its bright its pink and has a bluish sparkle whats not to love? Again why was this collection released in spring?

Untitled Bronze

Untitled Bronze
So far this is our clients fave and the most unique colour in the collection although I'm actually going to change the name Untitled Bronze really? That's just lazy we are now calling this colour Rose Bronze because that's actually what it is a rose bronze with a bronze glitter it is beautiful!

Mauve Maverick

Mauve Maverick

left - Cake Pop   middle - Mauve Maverick   right - Be Demure
Once again a colour suspect of being like others on closer inspection it turns out we have another contender for the Cake Pop hot spot! Mauve Maverick is best described as a warmer version of Cake Pop which dare I say I think I prefer!!

I feel like I've been a bit ranty with this blog post , apologies! Which is surprising as I do really like all the colours. I just have a bit of a problem with some of the names. Let me know if anyone else agrees with me and your thoughts on our new colours in the comments below.

Until next time Pretties!
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Shellac The Flirtation Collection 2016

At first glance this collection just screams SPRING however this is actually the Shellac summer collection I have no idea why the summer set are mostly pastels and the spring collection is mostly brights but hey CND have their reasons I'm sure. So let's have a closer look 


 Another Cake Pop type colour, this is paler and more pink whereas Cake Pop has that lilac tone to it. It is already proving very popular.



A beautiful subtle salmon colour. A lot of clients come into the salon wanting a colour that goes with everything. I call this a neutral colour and Pink Pursuit is just that. 


We already have two yellows in Shellac a bright yellow and a lemon and Honey Darlin' is slap bang in the middle of the two. This is just gorgeous! A yellow that you could easily wear on all nails. Also cutest name ever!


A pale shimmering lavender with a sliver sparkle throughout. Another colour for the neutral category. This is a perfect colour for a wedding!


This is one to get excited about. Another glitter shellac this time in coral, oh yes! Just the same as the other full glitter Shellac it is sheer and can be used over another colour or can be made opaque so it is just coral glittery-ness. 


It's finally here!!! A blue green Tiffany like colour with no shimmer!! Can I get an hallelujah!! I have been waiting for this colour for years!! It's about time CND. Love it! 


Now this isn't a part of the Flirtation Collection but it is the first I have bought this colour. Green isn't particularly popular with my clients which is why I haven't purchased this in the past. Although I am starting to see a khaki green trending on the Internet right now. So I wanted to see how it looks. A khaki green with a sparkle throughout this is beautiful and very wearable. I wouldn't go as far as to say a neutral but it's very close I wouldn't feel like clashing with this colour. 

I just love this Collection every single colour is just beautiful! I would love to know your thoughts on these colours. Which is your favourite? Please feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 29 February 2016

Shellac Winter 2015 Aurora collection - Swatches and Reveiw

My first impression of this winter collection was refreshing! Here we have a winter collection that isn't dark or Christmas red but instead light and bright! All of these colours appealed to me. Here's a closer look at the colours. I apologise I couldn't find my lens for my camera so the picture quality isn't the best but at least you get an idea of these colours.

Winter Glow
Apart from loving the name, Winter Glow is most definitely comparable to Cake Pop which surprisingly doesn't annoy me too much, Cake pop is up there with one of the most popular Shellac colours so I think Winter Glow will do quite well. It is paler than Cake Pop but almost the same shade. Winter Glow OK that's the last time I'll say it! 

Glacial Mist
"The cold never bothered me anyway!" See where I'm going with this?? Yes ladies this is Frozen in a bottle. That's all that really needs to be said oh and it glitters!

Not usually a fan of shimmers but I'm not sure I class this as a shimmer more like a chrome. It's a pinky lilac chrome. And surprisingly I like it!

Nordic lights 
It's purple and sparkly what's not to like! Although there is something different with this shellac colour, it's actually sheer. That was a surprise when I first put it on -a nice one though, it made me think of all the possibilities of new colours and effects we could create with this colour. And still easy to create a solid colour as the purple is almost the exact shade of Rock Royalty. 

Well done CND I was very impressed with this collection and all the colours beautifully compliment each other. I look forward to creating new looks on my clients with these. My favourite so far? That's hard.... But I think it has to be Glacial Mist I find it the most original. 

What are your thoughts on this collection? Or dare I ask what's your favours colour? I'd love to know in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Until next time pretties! 

Sunday, 7 February 2016


I don't know if it's just me but when I see sparkly things I'm so attracted to them! I actually get excited - is there something wrong with that?? Well if there is, I don't care! So I went onto Stephen Arnold just to have a look - but who was I kidding, the shopping basket was overflowing before I knew it. I actually had to take things out it was getting out of control. This is what made the cut and I'm counting my pennies until I can place another order!

I just love metallic crystals, I've never tried the metallic Swarovskis before and I'm glad I did, they are beautiful!!

I also bought a few colours, I have been trying to build on my colour collection of Swarovski crystals.
Here we have Citrine, Light Siam and Tanzanite.

The whole reason I went onto Stephen Arnold was to get some Swarovski shapes as Valentines day is coming up..... Oh yes, Swarovski hearts! 

I have to save the best for last! These actually make my heart beat faster - it's not normal but it's true! These Rhombus AB Swarovski crystals are the most sparkly things I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to get them on my nails!!! 

I would highly recommend Stephen Arnold, They have a fantastic selection of Swarovski crystals and delivery was very quick. I will be using them again for sure. As you can imagine, I can't wait to finish this blog post to go and do my nails - of course they are going to be the blingest of bling!! I can't wait to show my clients!! 

Please comment to let me know I'm not the only magpie who gets this excited about crystals and also if you like this kind of blog post. 

Speak soon Pretties! 
Pretty Polished

Monday, 16 November 2015

Nails of Christmas past!

The appointment book is well on its way to being fully booked. So with that in mind I thought I'd give everyone some inspiration for their Christmas nails. These are the nails of Christmas past at Pretty Polished. Please excuse the quality of some of these photos as some are a few years old, my knowledge of photography is slowly growing and also the upgrade of a few phones might of helped some too! There are many types of Christmas nails from the extreme to the subtle, I believe there is a Christmas nail design for everyone.

Not So Christmassy Nails

For those who want to get into the Christmas spirit but still like something quite simple.

Winter Nails

Snowflakes are a great way to incorporate a Christmas feel to your nails although are technically nothing to do with it!

A French Christmas

A Christmas twist on the French Manicure. Those Santa hats are a personal fave of mine!

We love Christmas!

Olaf himself retweeted these when I posted them! I was beside myself! 

You just cant beat Santa faces and candy canes and I don't know what it is about that Santa suit but I just love it!

Christmas to the extreme!

When you just cant get enough of Christmas and wish it was all year round! This is my category oh yes I am a Christmas nut! I'm not afraid to admit it but sadly I never get to enjoy nails like these as I always end up too busy to do my own nails but I don't mind it's still so much fun creating these beauties!

Have you picked your Christmas nails yet? Which is your favourite of our nails of Christmas past?

Pretty Polished