Tuesday, 22 September 2015


How lucky am I that my first blog post coincides with New York Fashion week?! We have everything from Colour block patterns to paint splatter nails, mattes and textures. I have picked out a few of my favourite pics from the catwalk.

Negative space is still a hot trend on the catwalk also changing up your standard french manicure.

CND had an amazing collaboration with The Blondes to create all gold, bejeweled and metallic nails for their Egyptian theme.

Now here's an old skool style I've seen starting to reappear recently I was never a fan of marbling but I have found myself starting to come around to it. I always find it funny how time can change our sense of style.

And now for my personal favourite .......

Or what I think will be most popular in the salon is this funky french, I'm not as of yet aware of what we are calling this and I am by no means quirky enough to come up with a name but I think my clients will love it. Also these are a lot more salon friendly than some of the other nails that were spotted at Fashion Week like these ...

Although I can appreciate how amazing these works of art are. All were sculpted using CND Liquid and Powder and Brisa Gels. The sarcophagus actually opens and has a mummy inside! Not exactly realistic in everyday nail wear but I'd love to do one of those wings if any of my clients want a go? 

All in all I was truly inspired by this years S/S 2016 Fashion Week. I don't think I can wait six months to give these trends a go. I have to give credit to the truly incredible nail techs who took part in this event. Thank you for you inspiration and innovation.

Pretty Polished


  1. I'll be asking for the sarcophagus nails next time ;-) Great post! xx

    1. Thanks Lynsey! I was all biz there was a comment lol No probs ill book you out for the week! lol