Monday, 2 May 2016

Shellac The Flirtation Collection 2016

At first glance this collection just screams SPRING however this is actually the Shellac summer collection I have no idea why the summer set are mostly pastels and the spring collection is mostly brights but hey CND have their reasons I'm sure. So let's have a closer look 


 Another Cake Pop type colour, this is paler and more pink whereas Cake Pop has that lilac tone to it. It is already proving very popular.



A beautiful subtle salmon colour. A lot of clients come into the salon wanting a colour that goes with everything. I call this a neutral colour and Pink Pursuit is just that. 


We already have two yellows in Shellac a bright yellow and a lemon and Honey Darlin' is slap bang in the middle of the two. This is just gorgeous! A yellow that you could easily wear on all nails. Also cutest name ever!


A pale shimmering lavender with a sliver sparkle throughout. Another colour for the neutral category. This is a perfect colour for a wedding!


This is one to get excited about. Another glitter shellac this time in coral, oh yes! Just the same as the other full glitter Shellac it is sheer and can be used over another colour or can be made opaque so it is just coral glittery-ness. 


It's finally here!!! A blue green Tiffany like colour with no shimmer!! Can I get an hallelujah!! I have been waiting for this colour for years!! It's about time CND. Love it! 


Now this isn't a part of the Flirtation Collection but it is the first I have bought this colour. Green isn't particularly popular with my clients which is why I haven't purchased this in the past. Although I am starting to see a khaki green trending on the Internet right now. So I wanted to see how it looks. A khaki green with a sparkle throughout this is beautiful and very wearable. I wouldn't go as far as to say a neutral but it's very close I wouldn't feel like clashing with this colour. 

I just love this Collection every single colour is just beautiful! I would love to know your thoughts on these colours. Which is your favourite? Please feel free to comment below!

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Until next time Pretties!!

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