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Shellac Autumn 2015 Contradictions Collection -Swatches and Review

So we have finally got our hands on the new Autumn Shellac colours. This is the Contradictions Collection. At first look at the collection I had very mixed views, I got excited to see there was a chunky glitter Shellac but disappointed to see a red and pink. Of course it's always hard to tell what the colours are just from the pictures of the bottles. So let's have a closer look. 

Poison Plum
As predictable as I am as soon as I opened the box I reached for the glitter Shellac. This is Poison Plum. A very dark plum with also a hint of brown this colour reminds me of a cross between Dark Dahlia and Fedora with chunky pieces of purple glitter. Although this did not have the finished result I expected. The glitter is actually very very subtle and can only be seen reflecting in light I was diaspointed with this being a lover of all things bling! But once I got my head around this fact it actually is a beautiful colour in its own right and a completely unique colour in the whole Shellac range. 
Peacock Plume
Peacock Plume is a gorgeous dark blue almost navy colour with a green sparkle through it which gives it that peacock appearance. It is not as dark as Midnight Swim and from pictures looks very close to it but the green sparkle off this colour makes it stand on its own. Looking forward to trying this out on a client. 

Safety Pin
Safety Pin is not a shellac I would rush to buy I am not, nor do my clients seem to be a fan of colours that a very shimmery which is what this colour looked to be. But imagine my surprise when I opened the bottle and had a very hard time even being able to describe what colour this actually is! From what I can gather it's gold, rose gold and silver. I didn't think it was possible to make a colour that could be both gold and silver but somehow Safety Pin seems to mange that. It is a complete neutral, add the shimmer to that and you have a glam neutral. I love it. As shocked as I am to say it. I know this colour is going to go down well with clients.

Rogue Rite
Rogue Rite another red (excuse me while I yawn) looks exactly like decadence even when the bottle is opened, that was until I actually applied it. It's not just a red this creme red has a purple tone to it which neither Decadence or Wildfire have. Think Decadence meets Tinted Love. It is pretty but I'm not sure it is different enough and I'm not sure how it will stand beside Decadence on my swatches board.
Tartan Punk
Tartan Punk I thought was a pink from pictures while I was looking again nodding off! But actually I think it's closer to the red family (I know I'm asleep now)! This colour is compared to Red Bareness as there is a shimmer through it although defiantly brighter than Red Bareness it's almost wildfire with shimmer. Personally not being a fan of shimmer it's not the red I'd reach for. Although while I was swatching  this on one finger the rest of my nails where still in an Autumn glitter which reflects a lot of green, you should of seen Tartan Punk with the green. It just screamed Christmas. It might be the colour to give Ruby Ritz a run for its money. If Ruby Ritz didn't exist this would be the Christmas Red. NOT THAT I AM IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM CONDONING DISCONTINUING RUBY RITZ! In fact just go ahead and make it a permanent colour for our collection to stop us techs and clients fretting every year that it might not come out again. 

Naked Naivete
I got a bit sidetracked there sorry, back to the collection last but not least Naked Naivete immediately we can tell we have an original colour here. A lot of clients though are looking at this and saying nude, this is not a nude it's a neutral another Creme finish which I love. If anything this colour is closest to the peach family a very very very pale peach with the brightness of cake pop. And giving the popularity of cake pop I can defiantly see this colour becoming a hit. 

So that's it the Contradictions collection I've got to say the most unexpected surprising collection I may have ever purchased. Colours I thought I'd love weren't what I thought they'd be and other colours I thought I'd dislike I loved. There a some very original colours in this collection but I am still very disappointed that red/pinks were even considered to add to this collection, when there is still some very big gaps on the Shellac colour wheel. I've been waiting for a Creme grey for years something between Asphalt and Cityscape I know it would be so popular. 

What are your your thoughts on our new Shellac colours? Where you disappointed or pleased with this collection ? Is there a colour you wished was in it that isn't? I would love to know what you think. Please comment below. 

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