Monday, 29 February 2016

Shellac Winter 2015 Aurora collection - Swatches and Reveiw

My first impression of this winter collection was refreshing! Here we have a winter collection that isn't dark or Christmas red but instead light and bright! All of these colours appealed to me. Here's a closer look at the colours. I apologise I couldn't find my lens for my camera so the picture quality isn't the best but at least you get an idea of these colours.

Winter Glow
Apart from loving the name, Winter Glow is most definitely comparable to Cake Pop which surprisingly doesn't annoy me too much, Cake pop is up there with one of the most popular Shellac colours so I think Winter Glow will do quite well. It is paler than Cake Pop but almost the same shade. Winter Glow OK that's the last time I'll say it! 

Glacial Mist
"The cold never bothered me anyway!" See where I'm going with this?? Yes ladies this is Frozen in a bottle. That's all that really needs to be said oh and it glitters!

Not usually a fan of shimmers but I'm not sure I class this as a shimmer more like a chrome. It's a pinky lilac chrome. And surprisingly I like it!

Nordic lights 
It's purple and sparkly what's not to like! Although there is something different with this shellac colour, it's actually sheer. That was a surprise when I first put it on -a nice one though, it made me think of all the possibilities of new colours and effects we could create with this colour. And still easy to create a solid colour as the purple is almost the exact shade of Rock Royalty. 

Well done CND I was very impressed with this collection and all the colours beautifully compliment each other. I look forward to creating new looks on my clients with these. My favourite so far? That's hard.... But I think it has to be Glacial Mist I find it the most original. 

What are your thoughts on this collection? Or dare I ask what's your favours colour? I'd love to know in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Until next time pretties! 

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