Sunday, 7 February 2016


I don't know if it's just me but when I see sparkly things I'm so attracted to them! I actually get excited - is there something wrong with that?? Well if there is, I don't care! So I went onto Stephen Arnold just to have a look - but who was I kidding, the shopping basket was overflowing before I knew it. I actually had to take things out it was getting out of control. This is what made the cut and I'm counting my pennies until I can place another order!

I just love metallic crystals, I've never tried the metallic Swarovskis before and I'm glad I did, they are beautiful!!

I also bought a few colours, I have been trying to build on my colour collection of Swarovski crystals.
Here we have Citrine, Light Siam and Tanzanite.

The whole reason I went onto Stephen Arnold was to get some Swarovski shapes as Valentines day is coming up..... Oh yes, Swarovski hearts! 

I have to save the best for last! These actually make my heart beat faster - it's not normal but it's true! These Rhombus AB Swarovski crystals are the most sparkly things I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to get them on my nails!!! 

I would highly recommend Stephen Arnold, They have a fantastic selection of Swarovski crystals and delivery was very quick. I will be using them again for sure. As you can imagine, I can't wait to finish this blog post to go and do my nails - of course they are going to be the blingest of bling!! I can't wait to show my clients!! 

Please comment to let me know I'm not the only magpie who gets this excited about crystals and also if you like this kind of blog post. 

Speak soon Pretties! 
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