Monday, 16 November 2015

Nails of Christmas past!

The appointment book is well on its way to being fully booked. So with that in mind I thought I'd give everyone some inspiration for their Christmas nails. These are the nails of Christmas past at Pretty Polished. Please excuse the quality of some of these photos as some are a few years old, my knowledge of photography is slowly growing and also the upgrade of a few phones might of helped some too! There are many types of Christmas nails from the extreme to the subtle, I believe there is a Christmas nail design for everyone.

Not So Christmassy Nails

For those who want to get into the Christmas spirit but still like something quite simple.

Winter Nails

Snowflakes are a great way to incorporate a Christmas feel to your nails although are technically nothing to do with it!

A French Christmas

A Christmas twist on the French Manicure. Those Santa hats are a personal fave of mine!

We love Christmas!

Olaf himself retweeted these when I posted them! I was beside myself! 

You just cant beat Santa faces and candy canes and I don't know what it is about that Santa suit but I just love it!

Christmas to the extreme!

When you just cant get enough of Christmas and wish it was all year round! This is my category oh yes I am a Christmas nut! I'm not afraid to admit it but sadly I never get to enjoy nails like these as I always end up too busy to do my own nails but I don't mind it's still so much fun creating these beauties!

Have you picked your Christmas nails yet? Which is your favourite of our nails of Christmas past?

Pretty Polished

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