Monday, 1 August 2016

Shellac The Art Vandal Collection 2016

I have to admit I wasn't especially looking forward to this collection. This is the Art Vandal collection which is technically the spring release but I bought the summer Flirtation Collection in spring as they were more spring-like colours such as pastels, and now that I can actually see the Art Vandal collection how any one wanted to release these colours in spring I do not know cus girls these colours are BRIGHT!!

So where will I start how about Art Basil!

Art Basil

left - Hotski   middle - Art Basil   right - Lush Tropics

As soon as I saw this I thought isn't this the same as Lush Tropics??? Actually no it isn't it is more of a blue green and also has a hint of a bronze glitter through it which is very unusual but it is quite pretty. I have done a comparison of other greens to show the difference between them as you can see Lush Tropics is more lime and Hotski is more teal.

Digi- teal


left - Digi-teal     right - Cerulean Sea
As soon as I saw this I thought isn't this the same as Cerulean Sea??? Starting to see the theme of this post?? Nearly every colour needed a colour comparison photo! But I can confirm none of them are like another. Although this photo does not show there is much difference between the two I can promise that there is and it is just a lacking in my photography skills. Digi-teal is more of a blue (yes I have a problem with the name there is nothing TEAL about this BLUE!) ahem and Cerulean Sea is a green/blue creme opaque.

Magenta Mischief

Magenta Mischief

left - Magenta Mischief   middle - Grape Gum   right - Tutti Fruiti

We have been waiting for this a purple pink colour that isn't shimmery although it is glittery it is gorgeous!

Future Fushia

Future Fushia

left - Magenta Mischief   middle - Future Fushia   right - Tutti Fruiti
For anyone who saw our salons snap chat this is the colour I sounded most disappointed about - the bottle just looked like Tutti Fruiti. When actually, once I opened this little surprise I literally gasped! ITS A NEON PINK people!! Well as close to a neon as CND are going to get but its pretty damn close! Its bright its pink and has a bluish sparkle whats not to love? Again why was this collection released in spring?

Untitled Bronze

Untitled Bronze
So far this is our clients fave and the most unique colour in the collection although I'm actually going to change the name Untitled Bronze really? That's just lazy we are now calling this colour Rose Bronze because that's actually what it is a rose bronze with a bronze glitter it is beautiful!

Mauve Maverick

Mauve Maverick

left - Cake Pop   middle - Mauve Maverick   right - Be Demure
Once again a colour suspect of being like others on closer inspection it turns out we have another contender for the Cake Pop hot spot! Mauve Maverick is best described as a warmer version of Cake Pop which dare I say I think I prefer!!

I feel like I've been a bit ranty with this blog post , apologies! Which is surprising as I do really like all the colours. I just have a bit of a problem with some of the names. Let me know if anyone else agrees with me and your thoughts on our new colours in the comments below.

Until next time Pretties!
Thanks for reading!

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