Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Preparing for Halloween in the salon

Halloween is a busy time in the salon a lot of clients are wanting their nails done all in a very short space of time. So to prepare for this rush we have to be a little organised. As you've already seen in our last blog post we have already decorated the salon.

The next step is to be aware (no pun intended) of what our clients want. For a lot of them at Halloween that is... yep you've guessed it Halloween nail art! Now I know your wondering how do we prepare for that?? Well... in 2 ways.

1. Displaying nail art ideas for our clients to choose from, some people just don't know what they want and having a visual is a big help, it also helps us as there is much less time wasted on making decisions. We have ours in a decorative frame.

2. The second way we prepare for the load of nail art coming our way is to pre make them. We most commonly do this by making 3D designs in advance using Arabella forms. These forms come in different sizes but all form a nail curve, they repel liquid and powder just like regular forms so we can just take our design off when finished and store them ready for use.

Can you tell what these are going to be?

 Yep 3D skulls!

Now when a client asks for some creepy spooky nail art we can use the phrase the child in all of us wants to say....Here's some I made earlier! (just love saying that!)

So there you have it an insight into how we deal with the madness of Halloween. It's something I personally really enjoy as I love this time of year!
What do you do to prepre for busy times? I'd love to know any tips and tricks you have.

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